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What's Included logo 2Training materials for everyone, including DVDs and our educational Members only web site,

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BugsyThere is so much out there to read but let's get up to date with our umpire education with today's technology!  Videos, podcasts, social networking, emails and more!  That's what we're about here at!

Our Educational Library is unsurpassed! DVDsI am adding umpire training DVDs and CDs on a weekly and monthly basis!

DVDs with video and visual diagrams and CDs for audio umpire lessons that you can use in your car on the way to the game!

Coming soon, very soon!:
  -Complete Umpire DVD series for the Baseball rules
  -DVD series for baseball umpires, Umpire Chiefs and umpire associations helping with training methods, running an umpire association and more! Development

We are updating our site to include "state of the art" technology whereas you can download lessons.   You'll be able to join live webinar lessons and you'll be able to download them afterwards so you can review! 

Cell phone Download info to your phone, your Ipad and more!!

Skill Level

Doesn't matter what your skill level is!  Rookie or veteran, and BugsyNation are for you!!

Giving You More - Bugsy!

Who is Bugsy?  This gentleman is an expert in baseball umpire training.  Over 34 years in umpiring experience including a few years of Professional experience, Bugsy has made it point to learn the right way to teach people how to umpire baseball.  He has spent the better part of 20 years not only instructing but also watching and studying his instructor mentors and pulled from each of them, the best parts of their instruction and communication style.  Plus Bugsy then took all of his Pro experience and instruction he received and then molded it together with the nuances of Amateur baseball and has come up with the best system available for Amatuer umpires working Youth through College baseball.

One of a Kind because he teaches what YOU need! 
Your typical Pro instructor is good but what Bugsy offers that they don't is the "PROAM UMP SYSTEM" that was created by Bugsy solely for the Amateur umpire.  Amateur baseball has a different style of play than Pro baseball but yet Bugsy knew that Pro baseball umpire training offered the best field mechanics and integrated the Pro system with his study of what each amateur umpire goes through AND needs on the amateur field and thus was created along with!

BugsyDear Umpire,
When I originally put on the drawing board with my vision, I had big plans and now Referee Umpire and I have teamed up to make this happen!!  Amateur umpires need a strong foundational training program and that's why we are here for you!!
Make sure to check out our DVDs and check out Referee Umpire!