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Who is Bugsy?  

This gentleman is an expert in baseball umpire training. Over 37 years in umpiring experience including a few years of Professional experience, Bugsy has made it a point to learn the right way to teach people how to umpire baseball.

He has spent the better part of 20 years not only instructing but also watching and studying his instructor mentors and pulled from each of them, the best parts of their instruction and communication style. Plus, Bugsy then took all of his Pro experience and instruction he received and then molded it together with the nuances of Amateur baseball and has come up with the best system available for Amatuer umpires working Youth through College baseball.

One of a Kind because he teaches what YOU need!
Your typical Pro instructor is good but what Bugsy offers that they don’t is the “PRO-AM UMPIRE SYSTEM” that was created by Bugsy solely for the Amateur umpire. 

Amateur baseball has a different style of play than Pro baseball but yet Bugsy knew that Pro baseball umpire training offered the best field mechanics and integrated the Pro system with his study of what each amateur umpire goes through AND needs on the amateur field and thus was created along with!

Dear Umpire,
When I originally put on the drawing board with my vision!! 

Amateur umpires need a strong foundational training program and that’s why we are here for you!!

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I am sending you this email to let you know that I was working high school scrimmage yesterday and the Assigner for the association that I belong to was there watching. Anyway, I started on the plate with him watching from behind. Long story short, I have been assigned my first Varsity game a week from this Saturday. I attribute this to the strike zone dvd that I bought from you. I felt very comfortable using the tips that I got from you. Thank you very much for offering this program. I am excited!
Thank’s again,

Thank you for your personalized email Bugsy…just makes me want to do business with you and pass along to my fellow umpires. Thanks again, and take care.

Bugsy – Package just arrived. Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty for me.
ChuckYou are the man Bugs and I am so grateful that I have tied into your full dvd package. I am really learning so much..Forgive me if I was impatient as I really don’t have a grasp of how involved your world is with what you are doing. Do not think twice about the timely manner…this has been fruitful to me and I get it now….I will be sitting down in about a half an hour watching your dvd on balks again…..I cannot aborb that one enough….God Bless my friend and thank you,,,,,,Dennis

Cool, right now watching Catcher’s Interference video. Great stuff……..thanks these are so cool. Just Ordered another……Love the information on the DVD’s and the way you teach it
Rob Jamieson

MSHL 36151

I really do appreciate that. I will certainly let the guys know what you have done to get these out and about the 1 and 3 man dvd’s (thank you). Im sure they will see your sincerety. I appreciate the dvd’s you have made. While I didnt win rookie umpire this season, many of the vets are surprised this is my first season and my only training has come from the couple dvds I got from you.
Thank you and I look forward to getting these.

Hi Bugsy

I do have both stike zone dvd they are good thanks a pitch that comes across at the front knee has to across the back knee. Does make sense to me. I know need to slow down on my calls too. Start working slot more stop hide behide the catcher even cann't catch a pitch to save there life. set same way on every pitch and stay in there till pitch is done. If i can get some one to film me when i do the plate can i send it to you to watch i rally need help on my plate mech. i do love your stike zone dvd plan on buying more thanks


Experience…nothing like being a 50 year old sophomore umpire; coached for years….never understood the rules as I do now.
Thanks for your help!Your strike zone explanation was really good.  It put into language even a klutz like me could understand.

Also, in late March/early April I received the balk DVD and then about a week later I got the Big Rules disc, both are outstanding.  You and Frank are great teachers.  It’s very convenient to have the topics broken into chapters that you can jump to as needed

Got the DVDs yesterday!  Thanks…so far they have been a GREAT help!  Look forward to viewing them all and helping fellow umpires with the valuable information in every disc.


Hi Bugsy:
Love your material, I have it all. If you ever have a camp/clinic in the Northeast. I’ll be there.
Good material, keep it coming.
Frank Lombardo

I have been umpiring for several years and I teach umpiring for our local youth league, which has 9 fields and over 600 players.
Too many umps who I have worked with or seen as a coach work with a rod up their butt and a holier than thou attitude.
Your ( almost Brooklynite) attitude is a breath of fresh air–I especially loved how you stated to just get the mask off with your left hand any way possible.
(If I have one more clinician teach me the “proper grip” to do so I will scream.)
For a Twins fan you seem like a very nice guy.
In a few paychecks I will be ordering your 3 man DVD.

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