Hi Everybody,

I’m turning over the reins to a super guy and fellow umpire.

Bob Rushton is now the new owner of Umpireteacher.com and Umpirenation.com, and trust me you’re in good hands!

I started UmpireTeacher.com back in 2009 and I’m proud to say because of my training techniques and instruction methods, many of you have become very good umpires!

It’s my time to move on and pursue my music career once again and also take on a new career of representing a Health product line called Isagenix.

New Business email address: Bugsy@emotionaljuice.com

But even though I’m leaving don’t fret gang, Bob has retained all the rights to the DVDs and videos, so you’ll still have access to all of it. I will no longer be writing articles or producing Bugsycasts but like I said, you’re in good hands with Bob.

For those of you who would like to stay in touch, going forward you can reach me at Bugsyrocks@gmail.com or as stated above, Bugsy@EmotionalJuice.com

And on another note, there are some of you I still owe DVDs to, so please either reply to this email or contact me at the above email address and let me know. *To be clear, the new owner, Bob, is NOT responsible for backorders, so make sure you stay on top of me please.

Also, some of you have complimentary subscriptions. Those free subscriptions will be closed (deleted) in the very near future, so I encourage you to join via one of the pay links and keep enjoying the best instruction around!! At only $10.99 per month, you can’t go wrong. Plus there’s other deals too!

Thanks again gang for all of your support and your very sincere and nice compliments over the years.

I’m also retiring from the ball field too. No one will see me out there anymore and I know the coaches who I yell at now and again will be grateful for my retirement from the field too!! LOL

Remember gang, train always, train often and review and RE-REVIEW always. You are never the Best unless you strive to be the best!

Don’t just study on UmpireNation.com during the season, keep your subscription year round and stay on top of your umpiring.

Yours Truly
Rock on and Stay Pro!

P.O. Box 2225
Forest Lake, MN